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Hello. I'm new here. I use Oak Meadow 6 with my 12yo daughter, and currently use a unit study with my 9yo son. Neither of them has special needs, but my 5yo daughter, adopted from China, does. She is visually impaired, has developmental delays and mental insufficency, and is suspected to be on the autism spectrum. Currently I use Oak Meadow Preschool with her, along with this and this. I am just wondering if any of you are homeschooling special needs children. Thanks!



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We are. My son has special needs we have to take into consideration when doing anything. We're also using Oak Meadow (along with other more waldorf resources). What Donna (from Christopherus) says is to be careful not to follow your eldest child with regards to school (putting them as the base point, then adding on the little ones). So what I do is follow the kindergarten rhythms of the day (Monday- Baking, Tuesday - Painting etc), and on Friday we have Kindergarten day (so we have a 4 day schoolweek) I use Kindergarten day as a sneaky way to also add in stuff to help my son. So we have movement games, address his sensory issues (but never just focusing on him, so he doesn't feel like he's being singled out) activities from my Autism book that requires attention, plus earobics and speech therapy games etc. So to the kids its like a fun movement, games & activities day, it gets them moving and having some silly fun, but also addresses current issues my son needs help with (and makes sure his stuff & extracurriculars/plain old family fun, isn't pushed into the background). Later on it will also be a day for the "extra lesson" for him and a review/catch up day for the other two.


Thank you, Sam.

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